Jerry Yan

Jerry Yan (Chinese: 言承旭; pinyin: Yán Chéngxù); born January 1, 1977) is an actor and a member of Taiwanese boy band JVKV (formerly F4). His birth name is Liao Yangzhen (Chinese: 廖洋震; pinyin: Liào Yángzhèn).

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He was the lead actor in the popular Taiwanese drama Meteor Garden and its sequel, Meteor Garden II, which made him a popular idol among teenage girls and elder women alike, not only in Taiwan, Asia and now even the world.

He worked as a fashion model before venturing into acting, having Meteor Garden as his breakout drama. To date, he has starred in one movie, Magic Kitchen with Sammi Cheng and Andy Lau.

In August 2004, his first solo album was released, titled, ‘The First Time’ (第一次 Jerry for You). In January 2005, he won as ‘Most Popular Newcomer’ (港台地區最受歡迎新人獎) in the ’12th Chinese Music Awards’ (第12屆中国歌曲排行榜頒獎典禮) held in Beijing, China. He is well-known in the mainland because of his good looks and talent, and of course his fellow band mates from F4.

He starred in his first non idol television drama titled ‘The Hospital (白色巨塔)’ opposite renowned Taiwanese actor Dai Li Ren. The drama is helmed by the director of Meteor Garden and began airing on August 15, 2006. It was broadcasted during Mondays through Fridays at 8:00 pm on Taiwan’s CTV channel. Now, it has been aired again twice in Taiwan and the Philippines. Japan, Singapore, China and even Australia has also bought the license to air The Hospital.

He is also an ambassador for charitable organization World Vision Taiwan, he has an adopted child, Baldan, in Mongolia. Since then he adopted more children. He speaks Mandarin and Taiwanese, and was previously learning English to communicate better with fans around the world. He understands and speaks Japanese very well.He has been studying in Japan and taking the lesson to further his knowledge in that language.

Jerry Yan currently runs his own Starjerry Co. and released his new website in July 2007.[1]

He has always encouraged his fans to spend money on charity, and his fans, known as 旭迷, have done many charity works all around the world.

He had been very popular in the Philippines after airing the series of Meteor Garden in one of Philippine’s tv network, ABS-CBN. Aside from him, the rest of the band member were also very popular in the Philippines and their songs truly hit and rocked the country.

He recently starred in a television drama ‘Hot Shot’ (篮球火), a story about college students and their life, centered around basketball and now his newest drama serie ‘Starlit’ (心星的淚光) been aired and got a huge response in Taiwan.

Jerry Yan was also appointed by the Japanese investors in a role of the hot new drama Skip Beat as the main character. He will co stars with Ariel Lin, the main character who played Itazura na Kiss. However, the drama is in a postponed stage.

For the year 2009, Jerry Yan will released his 2nd solo album in June. Besides having his solo album out, he is also will have a new drama series called ‘Just Want To Depend On You'(就想賴著你) acting alongside with Ella Chen (one of the member from S.H.E singing group).

TV Series

* Just Want To Depend On You就想賴著你(2009)
* Extravagant Challenge華麗的挑戰 (2009~postponed)
* Starlit心星的淚光 (2009)
* Hot Shot 籃球火 (2008)
* The Hospital 白色巨塔 (2006)
* Meteor Garden II 流星花園 II (2002)
* Come to My Place 來我家吧 (2002)
* Meteor Dream Garden 流星夢幻楽園 (2002)
* Love Scar 烈愛傷痕 (2001)
* Meteor Rain 流星雨~道明寺篇 (2001)
* Meteor Garden 流星花園 (2001)
* Spicy Teacher (2000)

[edit] Talk Shows

* ABCDEF4(2001)


1. Separated 一半
2. I Will Love You A Lot 我会很爱你
3. I Cannot Leave You我没有办法离开你 (from F4 waiting for you album 2008)
4. You are My Only Persistence 你是我唯一的執著 (2007)
5. The First Time (第一次 Jerry for You) (2004)
6. One Meter 一公尺
7. Be A Good Lover 做個好情人
8. Memory Pieces 記憶拼圖
9. Decoration 陪襯品
10. Want to Love You 想要愛你
11. Gravity 地心引力
12. I Want It Now 我想現在
13. Isolation 隔離
14. Forget Myself 忘了自己
15. Fantasy 幻想
16. I Really Really Love you 我是真的真的很爱你 (From F4 Meteor Rain album)
17. Want you 要定你 (From F4 Meteor Rain album)
18. Only Me 只有我



* Amphibian 兩棲類動物寫真集 (2002)

With F4

* F4 in Tokyo (2005)
* Meteor Garden In Barcelona (2002)
* F4 Music Party (2001)
* F4 Waiting for You (2007)


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